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50 States of Beauty is a lifestyle art brand based in Nashville, Tennessee founded by Alex Pearson. What began as a single illustrated map by Alex in 2015 has turned into a large collection of art featuring multiple artists, and now is its own brand. If you are a lover of natural beauty, the places you've been, and the places you've called home, then you are in the right place. We thank you for visiting us, and we hope we can bring some joy to your life with our art.

Formerly part of Familytree, as of May 2019  50 States of Beauty now has its own home right here. Read founder Alex Pearson's statement below.


I started 50 States of Beauty in 2015 as just a small project. I was looking for my next idea to release through my art company Familytree. I had an idea to draw a single map of the US filled with illustrations and icons for each state. I was inspired by a 1960s Rand McNally atlas I had bought at a flea market for $5. The project evolved as I started working on it into a series of travel poster style paintings for each state. I posted a few online, and the response was awesome! Literally, thousands of people signed up and voted for the next state I should work on. That excitement pushed me forward to keep working and releasing more prints. And I'm STILL working on them! In late 2018 I added a whole new collection of state-centric artwork by artist Alicia Binkley called Native Botanicals to the 50 States of Beauty. These were also a huge hit! In fact, all these state prints were becoming so popular they were taking over all of our other collections, and I noticed that our customer base had changed. Familytree felt different from what I had originally set it out to be (which was more of a quirky retro pop-culture art gallery). So when I looked at all of our products together, and the social feed it didn't make sense anymore. That's when I decided that 50 States of Beauty needed its own home. A place where it could grow and be cohesive. And also to let Familytree do the same thing. So other than a new website and social media channels not much else has changed. I'm still running both brands, and I will still pride myself on providing the BEST customer service we possibly can. Be on the lookout for more collaborations and new products as we grow the brand. I hope you join us for the ride.
-Alex Pearson, Artist & Founder