The Story of 50 States of Beauty

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The Story of 50 States of Beauty

March 20, 2022

Hi! It's Alex here, the creator and founder of 50 States of Beauty. 
I've been doing a lot of road tripping the past couple of years and it really made me examine why I started this company in the first place. The inspiration and the motivation. 

I originally started my other business, Familytree, as a way to reflect my love for nostalgia and pop culture. Then, I had an old atlas I found at a flea market and it gave me an idea: vintage landscape art. So, I drew Nevada and released it to the world. It was met with rave reviews and thousands voted on what state they wanted to see next. I kept going and it kept growing. I decided to add in another artist, Alicia Binkley, who does our native botanicals collection. This was even more popular! Soon enough, these collections were too big for Familytree. They needed their own home. Thus, 50 States of Beauty was born. 

Now that I've had this company, it has definitely made me see my travels through a different lens. I've been able to appreciate the beauty of America so much more. With so much variety, from deserts to forests, lakes to oceans, mountains to beaches, there's something to love about everywhere we look. There is unique beauty in every state and my goal is to capture and convey that to everyone that steps foot into your home.

I love doing this job because I have loved seeing the responses from all of you. Your passion for where you're from has made me see everywhere I step not just as a place, but as someone's hometown. You've been able to tell your story through this art and showcase where you love. That's been the greatest perk of this job! I love hearing your stories and knowing why you bought what you bought. 

I hope you keep connecting to this art and that you continue to feel proud of where you came from. Thanks so much for being a part of 50 States of Beauty!