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Q&A With Gouache Artist Allison Hall

March 10, 2022

Today we are sitting down with Allison Hall, a Savannah based artist that we have been working with for two years. With her eye for color and unique perspective on the natural world, we feel she truly captures the beauty around us in a modern way. 

She's answering a few questions today so that we can get into her artistic mind and get a few tips on how to best style her gorgeous art. 


Q: American Gouache is such a rich collection. Talk about the colors you used and how you arrived at the palette.
Allison: Thank you! I love to mix and experiment with colors. Mixing paint is probably my favorite part of working with traditional mediums. Every color used in the series is unique, and the intention is to create a palette that’s bold and cheerful. Whenever I mix a color I like, I usually use it on multiple pieces at a time because I hate wasting paint.  


Q: What's your approach to this gouache technique and how have you added your own spin?
Allison: I’m very drawn to the flat, chalky finish of gouache. The texture is very satisfying to paint with and it really works well for basic floral shapes. Even thought gouache is a common medium amongst artists, my own voice is seen through my work as I paint everything very loosely. Fine lines are hard for me and I own it haha. 

Q: How would you style a room with American Gouache?
Allison: I think the pieces look best in a group. I’ve loved seeing folks create a gallery wall of every state/country they’ve lived in. Nostalgia is a big theme of my work in general, and I’m honored people use my pieces to help remember their places. The pieces look really nice stacked in a rectangle, or if the prints are huge a line of them works well too.


Q: What are you currently working on?
Allison: As I answer this I’m painting a huge mural in Dallas, where I grew up! I’m also prepping for my first gallery show that includes a series of gouache still life paintings.


Q: What's next in 2022 for you?
Allison: After I rest from my art show, I think I’ll focus more on teaching workshops in my studio in Savannah. I also want to paint some more floral prints to sell in my Etsy shop!


Q: Last thoughts or tips for the DIY reader who is taking on a home decor / reno project?
Allison: I think the prints look so nice in white frames with a white mat board! That really makes the colors pop, especially if the wall is colored.

The possibilities with this collection are truly endless! Tell your story with Allison's American Gouache art here
To follow her journey, you can check her out on Instagram @smallcreative.