Gift Guide 2021 - 50 States of Beauty

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Gift Guide 2021

November 09, 2021

Let's face it, gift giving can be extremely stressful. The big push for shopping starts earlier each year and with varying personalities, it can be hard to find gifts that speak to each individual person in your life. How do you reflect the unique interests of everyone on your list? Our gift guide can give you more direction. Separated out by personality and interest, you'll find something that feels personal. Our goal is not just to give them things, but to give them a gift that shows you understand them and value all of their wonderful intricacies. 


The Explorer:

We all have that one friend whose social media is full of places they’ve gone and explored. They’ve seen every national park and been to every state and they’re your one stop if you need a quick travel guide with what to do. Now they are on your gift list this year and you wonder, what could they possibly want besides a fully paid vacation? We have what you need to satisfy your adventurous friend’s love of travel. Give them a gift that reflects where they’ve been and where they’re going with our collection of artwork that honors the beautiful places we have all around us.

1. Vintage Landscapes Collection: Illustrations of landmarks in their home state inspired by vintage travel posters and atlases.

2. State Pennants: Coming soon! Lush felt pennants with a vintage feel that give homage to the best parts of their state.

3. World Gouache: Spice up their walls with gorgeous splashes of color in gouache prints that can show off all of the places they've been.

4. Botanical US Map: US map highlighting the stunning plant life of each state.


The Homemaker:

The toughest person on your list might be the homemaker. What do you get for someone who always makes sure they have everything they need, in close range? Look no further than our gift guide. With beautiful floral art that makes a home feel like the beauty of the outside is inside, candles that create a beautiful ambience, and cards that send a piece of their home to others, you can gift your friend something unique and affordable. Give them the gift that adds to the beauty of the home they’ve created.

1. American Gouache: Bright and happy colors that draw the eye are the theme of this collection.

2. Native Botanicals: With gorgeous plant detail, you'll bring familiar foliage into their home in a fresh way.

3. Greeting Cards: Allows them to share the joy of their home with others. 

4. Candles: Fill their home with atmospheric scents.


The Nature Lover:

These past couple of years, it’s been more important than ever for all us to get outside. We appreciate nature more than ever because it’s been there when we’ve needed it the most, just like our friends. That’s why we’ve created a gift guide that uniquely complements your friend who loves nature. With our artwork that honors the outdoors, you create a sense of serenity that transports you inside with the feel of the beautiful outdoors. Give the gift of nature in a frame.

1. Calming Flora: Nature driven artwork that brings a peaceful tone to a home. 

2. Native Botanicals: This collection is like taking a hike through your hometown, no matter what time of day it is.

3. State Birds: These detailed illustrations bring faraway birds closer to us, allowing us to see them in a whole new light.


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